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February 1
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A Summer's Day with Aparat by steamby51 A Summer's Day with Aparat by steamby51
Aparat being tested out on a small diverging line off of and close to the Southern Branch railway of Centralis Keye.   The crew of a more conventional 4-2-2T point and gawk and make hypothesis as the contraption roars by.  

Aparat is the brainchild of :iconbartpaaddiator:  
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Rockyrailroad578 Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2014  Professional Traditional Artist
I have so many questions as to how it works, but I'd be here all day. It looks like it is very powerful due to the 14 drivers on her.
Stoker15 Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2014

I can't help but think those rear drive wheels of the 2-6-8-4 would slip as the coal is burned off.  How would it maintain traction?

steamby51 Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
First of all because of the chassis arrangement this is known as a 2-6-0+0-8-4, the "+" sign indicating two entirely seperate pivoted chassis, as opposed to a 2-6-8-4 which would be an articulated frame mallet locomotive with trucks at either end.  

It is a common misconception that garratt type locomotives lose adhesion when they run low of the weight provided by fuel.  Remember, the weight of the boiler is cantilevered onto both pivots and hence down onto the driving wheels of both chassis.  Just because there are no wheels under the boiler does not mean the boiler's weight is not translated onto the wheels.   The only garratts that had this problem were those where the boiler's weight was cantilevered onto non-powered sets of "trailing wheels" which were joined to each chassis, such as the 4-8-4+4-8-4 AD60's in australia, and to a lesser extent the 59th class of 4-8-2+2-8-4 in East Africa.  Garratts such as the 4-8-0+0-8-4 P class in India, however, which had no such trailing axles, had the entirety of the weight of not only the water tanks and coal bunkers over the drivers, but that of the boiler as well.  
simulatortrain Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Very interesting design
steamby51 Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Yes I dare say it is.
CCMarc Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2014

Hopefully this isn't the last we see of Aparat. She's a very unique and sophisticated work of art.


I admire the 4-2-2T "Mao Dong Xing" as well. Very Anglican in appearance. The taks are well adapted to the drivers, and there appears to be a very sufficient grate area. Could you tell me more about the three interlocked circles on the tanks? The symbol seems to be reoccurring, but I can't put a name to it.


The "un-repurposed" 18" line is a nice touch. I hope those wagons get the "revitalization" treatment as well. Unpowered they may be, but it'd still be wasteful to leave them at the mercy of the river!

steamby51 Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh certainly not.  Aparat however is not my doing, she is the brainchild of :iconbartpaaddiator:  and quite a complex locomotive.  You will not see her very long on the main line however, she is meant to work the drags out of a lignite mine and in fact burn the lignite coal efficiently, hence her configuration.   This is not to say you will not see her out once in a while for a jaunt into the city....

The tri-ring is the symbol of the cooperative.  Very simply, and not hollow in any way;  the rings are left bottom white, right bottom green, and top golden.  White is humility, green is peace, which form the solid base upon which sits gold, which is truth.  

Fear not, they will be fetched soon.  The first trip the workmen made of course was for the sensitive apparatus, which were the two locomotives and the switch-track sections.  
CCMarc Featured By Owner Feb 3, 2014

She's a marvel, to say the least.

The tri-ring and it's colors is one of the best political symbols one can imagine, I must say. All rings represent factors of life, rather than people.

Your people and my people are fully aware that flags can be waved without upsetting balance, unlike our universe. They understand that nationalism is one of the worst firestarters of all.

However, unity against others has still been necessary many times in my continuum. Most notably, the "Wildfire Revolts". These were a series of worker-led revolutions, begun from the 880s on, in pursuit of Edrysian (Welsh) Socialism. More on this later, lest I begin to ramble.

Very good of those workmen. Where would you say the engines are running now? Also, where did this portable railway connect the construction site with?

Thank you.

steamby51 Featured By Owner Feb 3, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
It is true the symbols are more of the representation of a way of life than any flag, so to speak.

It must be remembered that the people in the lone islands have a different cerebral construct which results in a different way of thinking, which is basically the one defining factor that makes this world so different.  People are not that aware of nationalism at all simply because they are not wired to perform the irrationalities and uncontrollable greed and xenophobic pride that produces it as an end result, and therefore all the systemic problems leading up to it also simply do not occurr.  The human experience is slightly different on Domum.

Unity against others can be exceedingly dangerous because of all the things it can lead to through random error and the causality of "now that group A has been wiped out who do we hate next", as people get used to the dynamic and we get the bullshit like what happened with the twin towers.  As I said, people are very different in this world.  The Brunellian personality is not a rarity, and the commonplace personality of people is to be far more rational and far less senselessly active, there is not such a governance of the mind by things like fear and paranoia.  People who are wired like myself and others comparable to me are the norm, and those who would be commonplace in this world are the exception.  
People who exhibit pathological or parasitical personality traits with definite and easily observable negative results to society (such as one of our justin biebers or donald trumps or rob fords or al gores, or just the regular scrap-man in Boston or soulless law-school graduate or the whore-woman who lives three blocks down from me.) Are usually at best shunned, and at worst removed from their place of living and exiled to wander, where they usually, through their own stupidity, meet a very premature death by circumstance.   The very best that could happen to one of these people is they are kept around as entertainment, many villiages do have the sort of "villiage idiot" who is literally, for reasons he or she simply CANNOT figure out, the laughing stock of the entire place.  When a woman in this world throws a violent fit about the wrong color carpetting, she is taken seriously and put on television.  In the islands, she is usually laughed at and then told to keep quiet by the neighbors and a constable.   The world of Domum is only cruel to the cruel and indignant toward the indignant.   it is a world almost entirely free of systemic thinking in terms of social constructs, that keeps itself in balance.   
Although this may seem like a fairytale, I have witnessed little pieces of this world happen in societal microcosms of just the right blends of people, so I know it theoretically could very well exist.  

The portable railway is a dynamic, constant and ever changing entity in the lone islands.  Whenever any kind of large object or public works site or road or what have you is being built, rebuilt or repaired, you will almost always find a portable railway.  The engines will have gone back to their contractor's yard, wherever that is, and if they have not been sent off to do another job, they are stored washed out, steam-lanced, dried, cleaned and lubricated, in of doors.  There are contractors who will post listings for locomotives and other machinery available for different jobs.  Steam engines, being versatile, are many times used for multiple purposes.  For instance if a temporary worksite housing building needs steam heating, one of the contractor;s locomotives may be shipped there to act as a low pressure heating boiler and be fitted with an 8 PSI safetyvalve, that is of course if no portable stationary boiler or otherwise can be found.  
The system in question (in this picture) I had envisioned to be sort of a spiderweb of sidings, comprising of no more than 1500 or so feet of track.  Firstly running down into the shallows of the river to lay the pilings, and then of course running out onto the pier once it was built.  The track panels are very rigid, steel-tied and very easily picked up and put down.   Much like the portable railways we had in this world not so long ago.

CCMarc Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2014

Fascinating stuff. The Domumians are such a marvelous people. My people are similarly less war-inclined than average humans. War is one of the few societal taboos, and one of the few that can be considered necessary, in my opinion. Humans find the ideas of public nudity, swearing, and so on to be grotesque, yet the majority have no qualms about organized warfare. On the contrary, they attempt to convince themselves that war is wholly beneficial through horrid excuses such as economics and things.

I've recently noticed most of the textbooks in my school district were published circa 2005. All seem to portray the War on Terror to be necessary, wholly beneficial, the 'American Way', and justified. The fact that such biased slop is being handed to youths with developing minds, and presented as historical fact, disgusts me. Such messages appeared in textbooks utilized in elementary schools. Horrid. Just horrid. American children are being molded to believe that a war against a noun is great. That the War on Terror exists to protect American ideals. That war brings prosperity. That war is a good thing, and that our lives are safe in the hands of a military-industrial complex. Does that fill your throat with bile, Alex? You and me and a fraction of the human race are alone in this line of thought.

Back on track. Organized war is considered outright grotesque by my people. However, there have been times where it was absolutely, positively unavoidable. And I mean unavoidable, not like the War on Terror. For instance, the overthrow of the elite.

In short, war is a detestable thing to just think about in my world. Yet, if the cause is something as large as preventing outright genocide, or deposing the privelaged caste in pursuit of equality, or pushing back attempts at colonialism, and so on, it is the only option. Of course, there is much, much, much thought and debate beforehand. Elections, debates, and above all an analysis of how badly a particular threatened group needs rescuing.

There is no glory in war here. But, we must compare. The instigators versus the defence. Consider Nazi Germany or the U.S. as an example of an instigator. Whereas an instigator gloats about it's military and it's machinery and 'technological achievements in the defence field', considers mass slaughter and such meritous and in the pursuit of world influence and 'the done thing', considers global dominance just, considers their ideologies the only right ideologies, refuses to listen to anyone else's point of view, engrains nationalist concepts into the youth, utilizes propoganda, and so on.

It should be noted that no war is started over something petty. There are no arms races, nobody wars over oil or religion or canals.

I'm sure you can gather the traits of the 'defence' by comparison.

I do love portable railways, and that is a marvelous picture you've painted about the process of distribution, and the boiler engine. I assume you've read much about Decauville, Kerr Stuart and the like, judging by your understanding of light, prefab track? All necessary infrastructure is controlled by a single comittee of sorts in my world, rather than multiple competing brands. Of course, that doesn't mean all engines have the same basic appearance. Quite the contrary, in fact.

I do have a pleasant string of fantasies in relation to portable lines. A convoy of traction engines parading down a country lane, bound for a quarry, hauling trailers of stout saddletanks, wagons, and prefab track, all puffing hard as they charge a hill in a very sylvan setting. All shining, with their own names and numbers. Or perhaps a catalogue rather like the ones Sears used to distribute, (without the hyperconsumerism of course), in which any standard locomotive design, track, and so on can be found. And in addition, little tear-out slips. On these tear out slips, one can give the principal dimensions and requirements for a special order locomotives that doesn't match a standard design. Mail it. Then, have the locomotive delivered via the nearest railhead or main road. A pleasant thought, yes?

I'm glad the Lone Islanders see the values in portable lines. Unlike humans, they aren't so obsessed with speed and deadlines that they virtually outlaw the concept. They know how to appreciate the process of construction, and aren't so willing to make things obsolete or bow to red tape.

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